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While smartphones have become a craze and mobile applications rule the day, but they have not penetrated as deeply. Yet there are many customers who have not been bitten by the bug iPhone and Android. Unlike smartphones, normal phones are affordable and all the phones available in the market are SMS enabled. Thus, making it the only marketing channel in the marketing mix that has 100% reach.

Therefore, traders consider SMS marketing as an essential ingredient for any successful marketing campaign. Through its scope, SMS Marketing is the best direct marketing tool. Most companies and brands invest in SMS marketing to launch a communication channel with customers. According to available data, 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. In addition to the scope and immediate impact, the channel has some additional advantages.

SMS marketing is very affordable and provides a good return on investment. So, both small and large companies can use this cost friendly way to get closer to its customers. Now, how to leverage this effective and efficient marketing tool to get the maximum benefit out of it. SMS as the name suggests is a short message that is sent to target customers who have opted for SMS alerts.

These customers may be interested in the offer given or may not be interested. Thus, the marketing work would be mainly for lucrative and send mobile text messages carefully formulated to target those customers who have opted for SMS alerts.


Before embarking in the SMS marketing campaign, the company must first gather his objectives should be SMART . Once the objectives are established, the marketing campaign should be designed keeping the following tips in mind.

SMS Marketing Tip # 1 – Be short ,precise and relevant

When writing a text message to the SMS campaign, the first and foremost thing that must be kept in mind is that there is a limit of only 160 characters. Thus, the distributor needs to choose very carefully and wisely words. Second, the SMS message must include a short code targeting both existing and new customers.

Third, the content of the message should not be generic. The message should be value for the customer. Otherwise, it may affect as the client may opt-out could mean the loss of activity. Fourth, the message must have a clear call to action. This means that the message must clearly explain to the client that the action should be initiated to be able to avail of the offer.


SMS Marketing Tip # 2 – identify and target your audience

Most often we encounter messages that are not relevant or offers that do not interest us. These messages are annoying and clog the message box. We end up opting out or deleting these messages, which is both a loss and waste of precious financial client. This situation occurs when SMS marketing has not done his homework before starting the SMS campaign. For SMS marketing campaign success, the distributor shall ensure that it knows who its target audience is.

It must take into account the customer’s purchase history and other demographic data based on location so that the message reaches its recipient. Message to reach its target audience is extremely important.

If an offer of a beauty salon reaches a lighter weight, the SMS will be of no relevance to both the sender and the receiver. Once the audience has been identified, the message can also be customized according to customer preferences. Everyone loves special treatment. If the SMS manages to make the customer feel special, it will continue to be a loyal customer to the brand. This is particularly useful when running loyalty campaigns. Messages can be personalized and made fun by inserting names, appointments, etc.


SMS Marketing Tip # 3 – Make interesting and personalized offers

All said and done, nothing can surpass the value of an exciting offer sent by text message. An exciting offer provides the solid foundation for a successful text message campaign. Customers who opt-in to receive messages waiting to be informed whenever there is an exciting offer. Thus, the buyer must make an effort to make its supply very special. These offers could be as BOGO (Buy One) or freebies or discounts for purchases during the lean business hours.

SMS Marketing Tip # 4 – Timing Message

For a successful marketing campaign, timing is the key. First, the messages that are open are not so successful compared to the messages that specify a calendar or an expiration date. Therefore, messages should clearly indicate when the offer expires so that the customer can intervene quickly. Like for example, in the sample message in Tip # 1, the customer has been informed that it is a limited time offer and expires after midnight.


Second, messages should be sent at the right time of day. This sort of ensure the client has enough time to act on the message. The messages should not be sent before 8 am or after 9.p m. For example, if you have special offers running for the weekend, sending the message itself on Friday to all loyal customers so they can plan and visit the store to check the offers.

For dinner offer, the SMS can not be sent in the morning that people forget about it in the evening. SMS campaigns are more successful weekend that customers tend to respond to text messages over email.

SMS Marketing Tip # 5 – conform, respect customer privacy and measure results

 For a SMS campaign success, the distributor must respect and obey all laws, rules and regulations. The message can not be sent almost everyone. The message must be sent only to customers who have subscribed or have “chosen” to receive the message. Marketing should be aware of all laws, rules and regulations on privacy of the customers and the marketing text. Second, just like the “opt-in”, the client must be able to unsubscribe easily without any hassle.

Refer to the example of SMS message Marketing Tip # 1 which provides the “Disable” in case the customer does not wish to receive other SMS.


At the end of the day, it is imperative to measure the success of the SMS campaign so that marketing is aware of the response rates and ROI. SMS should be sent at different times of day with different types of messages to different customer groups. This will help verify the effectiveness of the campaign and what suits the company most.

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