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Gmail Ads : 4 Easy Steps To Start : Saga Biz Solutions

If you use email for reaching out to your target audience, then this post will help you develop a deeper understanding of that. If you aren’t leveraging emails, then this post is all the more important for you!

People are using emails in order to reach the target audience. This is the reason bloggers experiment with such strategies and tools in order to capture the email addresses of their visitors.

What Gmail ads?

Google ads look like regular emails. Google has been beta testing since 2013. native integrated Google Gmail ads with Google Adwords tool box in September 2015 and made available to all advertisers. With Gmail ads, you can use smart targeting options to reach 1 billion monthly active Gmail users.

With them, you can measure the open rate, reach, saves, click through rate (CTR), forward and more the price of your standard AdWords cost-per-click.


How Does Gmail ads work?

With these ads, your target audience will see your ad teaser in their inbox and when they will click on that, they will see an expanded ad. This is a custom HTML format which allows you to create a richer ad experience with the help of forms, phone numbers, multiple links and videos. There comes a “Save to Inbox ‘link with each ad that allows the user to use it as any other regular emails along with transfer options.

By adjusting the targeting correctly, there can be good engagement from users. According to experiment by world first with Gmail ads, there was an 181% registration conversion rate along with a higher level of engagement.

Launching First Gmail Ads Campaign

Here are 4 important steps you should follow:

Naming Campaign and Setting Budget

To start Gmail ads, you must have a Google Adwords account which most of us usually have. If you do not have, you can register for free.

Start with campaigns then go display network only. After that you will see a screen below asking you to name the campaign, upload the settings and enter the locations and languages you want to target.

You can go for ‘All functions’ in the ‘Type’ field if in case you do not have a strategy to target mobile apps users. After that, you’ll need to set up a bidding strategy based on your company’s objectives. If in case you are going for higher ad viewability along with lower CPA ,it is better to go for manual bidding. Although you will have to do more work, but it will give you better control over your bids.

You can start with a small amount to the budget and delivery. By choosing “individual budget”, you can bid less than $ 10 per day. You can opt for a standard delivery to converse budget.

After that, you can go for ad extensions. Although it is not guaranteed if your location or contact number appears, but if it gets your ad CTR improves.

Using the advanced settings, you schedule the start and end date of the ad. If you want to split test ads, you can set your ads to “Rotate evenly”. If you want your ads to get a rotation, you can choose to set your ads to “Rotate indefinitely”. In choosing this option, they will be rotated independently of their performance so that all the ads get the same number of impressions. After obtaining sufficient data, you can analyze the ads stop and poorly performing ads.

The next point is frequency limit. With this feature, you can set the number of times you want to limit your users see an ad. For example, you can limit to 3 impressions per day if you are afraid of reptiles customers.

Finally, you must select your ad targeting. You can find “Gmail investment” by clicking on “Use a different targeting method.” Add ‘’ list when searching for Gmail.

On confirming the Gmail Ads campaign, you’ll see the Ad gallery with which you can design your ad.

Design creative units of Ad

When you arrive at the Ad gallery, go to Gmail ads. There will be four template options that you can use:

1. Single Product

This includes a CTA button and an image to a landing page.

2.Gmail picture

This is a large banner ad which links to a landing page. What is good to go for branding purposes.

3. custom HTML Upload

With this, you can embed an HTML form, youtube videos or click to call. The only thing you need is to upload the ad in a zip file.

4.Gmail Multiple Products

If you are an advanced user, you can go for this ad unit. It helps you to display more than one product. With this, you can link each product to a a full-fledged landing page.

If you are a beginner, you can start with a single product or Gmail picture because they are easier to start with.

Once you get your hands on Gmail ads, you can mix up these four ad formats according to your requirements.

If you are going for Gmail images, you must complete the details like the name of your ad, landing page URL, the display URL, email subject line, name of the advertiser and a description of offer made by you. Along with this, you will need to upload the logo of your company with a CTA persuasive.

For reduced ad, you must encourage the prospect to read your full email id. You can understand what works best for your audience based on your existing email marketing strategies and reports. Email subject line is the most important. It should be precise and able to grab prospect’s attention. For expanded ad, you should have a compelling and significant CTA. You can do this with high quality media and balanced color schemes. You can also update your creatives to ensure your ad is not monotonous.

You must keep in mind that your ad must be formatted to enter the screen and smaller loads instantly 75% of Gmail users to access their accounts via mobile devices.

You can use the Create validation tool for the purpose of validating your creatives, if you are using teasers and custom HTML. Once you have set your ad creatives, add them to a relevant ad group via ‘Select an ad group’ button from the top.

Careful targeting: To help you reach right customers

Speaking of ads targeting in Gmail is different from the regular targeting advertising network. This section will give you ideas on possible targeting options in Gmail ads.

You can start with targeting a user with its interests, demographics and topics. There is another option  of starting which is using AdWords customer match that can be used to upload an email list of Gmail users. This allows your flash ads in their inbox.

According Wordstream, Google Customer Match have a higher percentage of e-mail match rates from their client list over  Twitter Tailored Audience and Facebook Custom Audiences.

Using Customer affinity audience, you can create the list of users who visit specific websites and process long term interest. Excluding certain topics, keywords, site categories on the basis on your campaign, you can increase its efficiency.

If you want to get more targeting ideas for popular websites, you can log in to your AdWords account and opt for the display planner . Here, within the scope of the landing page, you will need to type the website of a competitor and then move to ‘Placements’ tab. In this you will see a list of popular apps and popular websites that you can consider for your ads.

Analysis of Campaign Reports

You can use open rate in order to judge your campaign performance which is the most basic metric. However, using that alone won’t give you insight into the likability of your ad by the prospects and the engagement rate after opening it. There are three additional metrics that you can use from your AdWords reporting interface. To include them, you need to customize your column.

They are discussed below:

Gmail Forwards

This measure shows that the user finds your ad so amazing that they took out time to transmit.

Gmail Saves

This metric indicates the frequency of users who found your ad good and relevant enough to keep in their inbox.

Gmail clicks

This metric helps your website to gain conversions via Gmail Ads.

Other than these metrics, there are few other metrics as well :

Cost per click (CPC) and Click Through Rate (CTR)

These metrics are used to measure the clicks to expand your ad. They do not give to indicate the clicks to your website. Clicks to find your CTR website, you must divide the Gmail clicks on the site in your normal clicks.

You can also follow the time on your site via the bounce rate and pages per session and your users Gmail ads using Google Analytics.

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7 techniques for integrating social media with all your Email Marketing-Saga Biz Solutions

When contemplating interpersonal strategies people often think about the integration with websites as well as media, but the integration with email might be just as significant.


Here are 7 tips to help you integrate social media with your email marketing:

Send email Social media focused on existing customers -Many brands possess minor visibility created for social channels interior emails, perhaps some components buttons below this post of the email or a bunch of their social logos for the summit or bottom level regarding ‘an e mail.

To actually target your answer consumers on interpersonal problems, try sending a good e-mail that directs visitors to just a 1 social presence. With a target yet, make sure to send visitors to the social presence which might be most relevant in their eyes. Send business customers for ones LinkedIn page as well as your young customers that you Facebook or Instagram, this way you will continue to speak to them on the best platform.

Email capture on social – It is possible to often find which a customer database as well as your followers on public sites have significant overlap, but there are invariably individuals who adhere to anyone on social sites you do not have in your own database The especially interesting perspectives that can not be customers. Engage on social media in a fashion that encourages them to supply their email target. Competitions, surveys, free of charge ebooks or some other designs of free of charge content often do the job efficiently. Using these tactics to get a following can produce a next but not uncommitted seriously isn’t necessarily responding model loyal, but these folks already following inside your social brand so you are simply launching another channel communication in their eyes.

Use data – Now that you’ve got a mail information bank and email addresses for you if you follow you on social media you’ll be ready investigating the data. What number of individuals overlap? How could be the customers? How often public disciples buy our personal products over those who have signed up to the basic email truth? What percentage concerning Facebook fans are customers when compared with Twitter followers? Ask these questions in order to find answers in the data will let you better understand your web visitors and prospects and to inform future advertising and marketing campaigns.

Make it straightforward for people to discuss – The fewer barriers to presenting content that customers need to overcome, the more they will share. Ensure that public icons are clearly visable about the content you want these to share. Do not overwhelm people that have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Bebo, Myspace and extra social site within the sun – target what on earth is best to your web visitors and work this kind of dynamic in emails in case you possibly could.

Use social networks to gain access to – One of one’s most powerful buyer acquisition tool are going to be your current shoppers. People without any doubt buy and including your brand would be very happy to offer their closest family on Facebook if only you went about getting easy for these people. Choose a segment of one’s customers who are actually engaged with a few product and advertise shared on social internet marketing. People who obtain your products will more than likely experience similar people directly inside your target market. Help their network.

Do not similar content – You will need to use your presence databases and public messaging for various kinds of communications. Email might be specific and dedicated to, and almost a fresh discussion one-on-one.Social should be used for the wider engagement of one’s population on this site.

Reuse content – Whilst it can be unacceptable that you simply duplicate, you have to take large, inspirational content to social internet marketing and give it exposure inside the email, particularly customer-generated content that people will trust a lot more than just this post of your brand name.

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LinkedIn Top Tips for creative professionals – Saga Biz Solutions

In the world of creation, it can be quite difficult to find time to let you know. Many of us spend every waking moment of our free time just trying to get a project time in the time frame we promised.

Some of us work at home with the children and spouse often causing distractions. Some of us spend all day at work and then come home at night to our freelance work. As such, most innovative professionals have little time to spend on social media, even if it is a key way to market yourself.

That said, social media marketing is still an important part of winning new customers, make a name for yourself, and build valuable connections. You easily need to set aside time each week to social media.

And one of the most main social media accounts as a web designer, graphic designer, musician, visual artist, photographer, artist or even a craft can be LinkedIn.

While Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social sites are certainly important, a LinkedIn account is where you can really show your professional side. And it is important to connect with other professionals looking for your services.


Just make sure to make the most of your LinkedIn profile as a creative by following some important tips:

Choose Keywords

I hope you have a list of the best keywords with which you have optimized your name or at least your website. If not, then create a list. Note that many words as you can think that customers can use when searching for your services online. Make sure they are long tail keywords, which means they are at least two, and preferably three or four phrases. Then include those at the top of your LinkedIn profile. For example, all project descriptions or your list of skills are good places to include certain keywords.

Another great place for your top or two keywords is in your title, also known as the summary. Make sure your title does not only include your top keyword but also helps you stand out. What is your specialty? What do you do better than other graphic designers, painters, illustrators, artists, etc?

Start with a Strong Headline

Strengthen your title also includes ensure that your profile picture describes you as a professional in your field. Now keep in mind that as a creative professional, you have a bit more creative license in your photo. But that does not mean you have to use a snapshot with a beer in hand or in a swimsuit on the lake. You want your picture to show you’re serious about your career and work, not a puff freelancer who can not get enough together even download a decent picture of yourself.

Another great place for your top or two keywords is in your title, also known as the summary. Make sure your title does not only include your top keyword but also helps you stand out. What is your specialty? What do you do better than other graphic designers, painters, illustrators, artists, etc?

Strengthen your title also includes ensure that your profile picture describes you as a professional in your field. Now keep in mind that as a creative professional, you have a bit more creative license in your photo. But that does not mean you have to use a snapshot with a beer in hand or in a swimsuit on the lake. You want your picture to show you’re serious about your career and work, not a puff freelancer who can not get enough together even download a decent picture of yourself.

Get as Detailed as Possible

By completing your profile, fill as many categories as possible that LinkedIn offers. If you had the time to complete the basics when you opened your LinkedIn account, do not forget to fill it when you have time. Think of LinkedIn as a digital resume. Potential customers want to know as much about you as possible. And if you only have 30 minutes per week to spend on social media, then spend 15 minutes right now to complete your profile until you feel it is complete.

LinkedIn now has a section to view the publications. This is an excellent place for including links to all the work of your own published both online and offline. Even with offlinepublications, try to include a link such as Amazon page for a printed book.

Customize Your LinkedIn URL

Customizing your LinkedIn URL can be a pain if you have a profile for some time. However, it is a great way to help customers find you easier when they are not immediately accessible web link. As with Facebook and Google+, your URL may include your name –

To customize your LinkedIn URL, click “Edit Profile” or in the drop down menu under the Profile tab top of the page or in your title box when you are logged into your profile. Once you are in edit mode, you will see your URL in a tiny font, almost indistinguishable to the bottom of your title box. Click the “Edit” link next to that URL.

Once you click this almost imperceptible “Edit” button, you will see a box on the right side of the page with “Your current URL” as one of the editable options. Click on the link labeled “Edit your public profile URL.”

Finally, a box will appear where you can enter your name as the URL of your profile.

Post Updates with Images

LinkedIn is not like Twitter. You will end connections boring if you post several times a day. Post an update once or twice a week is sufficient and will allow connections know you stay active on your account. But what should you, as a creative poster?

If you have a blog, include the title and the URL of your most popular blog. Or post a link to an article you found interesting. Just keep your professional updates, because LinkedIn is more of a social media company. Of course, this does not mean you can not include humor – just make sure that it either is a part of your portfolio, or it concerns the professional world. Keep your own up-to-date.

Above all, try to include images in as many of your updates as possible. They will help you stand out in the course of LinkedIn updates, and also encourage more clicks. The only annoying part including images is that you can download as a file – no easy image selections attached to a link like Google+ or Facebook.

Advertise Your LinkedIn Profile

One of the best ways for those in the creative industries to sell is through social media. However, social media will not do much for you if you do not announce that you have, and let everyone know that there are several avenues for them to research makes you much more available. So on your website or blog, make sure to include a button on every LinkedIn page. Do the same with your email signature – be sure to link to our LinkedIn profile (preferably with the anchor text like “LinkedIn” or “Connect LinkedIn”).

LinkedIn now has this nifty little button you can copy and paste in several different sizes. You can place it on your blog or on your email box quite easily. You may have noticed when you went to modify your URL. Just below the box on the right titled “Your current URL” you will see “Badges Profile”. Just click on the “Create a Profile Badge” to see the different sizes with HTML, you can copy and paste

Best LinkedInGroups for Creative Professionals

LinkedIn has created groups as a way to make connections that lead to customers, get feedback on your own projects, seek advice when you’re stumped, and stay updated on the latest news and technology. The unfortunate side groups is that they attract a lot of spam, which can be frustrating to go, to say the least. The design of LinkedIn groups is also not exactly intuitive. It takes a lot of time to browse through the messages and create jobs.

However, your involvement in straight LinkedIn groups can make you much more visible on Google, especially if you include your keywords. It is not a “perfect” list of occupations in the creation, but the following list will get you started. Your best bet is to keep signing for groups up to find the ones that provide you the most useful connections and information. To do this, simply select “Groups” in the search bar drop-down menu and enter the keywords related to your artistic sector.

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12 Tips for designers using Pinterest to generate more traffic and exposure to your website – Saga Biz Solutions

There are all kinds of social networks and websites where you can get complicated, gain display for your work, and send traffic to your website or blog. Probably the hardest bit is deciding which social networks justify the time and effort, and managing to use these effectively network without being tied to them for hours every day.

A social network that designers should consider is Pinterest. Pinterest is visually adjusted, so it is naturally a great fit for designers, photographers and others in experimental fields. The fact that the base and the popularity of Pinterest user has increased so rapidly has great potential to gain exposure for your work.

In this article we’ll take a exact look at Pinterest and how designers can effectively use to generate more traffic to their portfolio and gain more exposure.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest allows users to pin items and classify them as specific advice. As a user, you can set your own advice for any type of object you pin it, and you can also change these tips and your pins at any time. Once you have an account, you can proceed other users or specific advice.

 When connected, you will see the latest pin of those you proceed right on your home page. So, others that follow, you will see your pin so. You can re-pin items that have been pinned by other users, leave comments, and you can send messages to users who follow you.


Pins can be linked to particular pages, so if you were to pin a picture from an article in the design portfolio, you could link the pin back to the page for the article on your portfolio site. Pinterest users would then be easy to click on Pinterest to your site. For this reason, Pinterest can be a good source of traffic, especially if you use it to promote your blog.

What Makes Pinterest Unique for Marketers

With a social network like Twitter, you can share a tweet with a link to your recent blog and send some traffic to your website, but in max cases the traffic from this tweet will mostly or completely dry in 24 hours or less.

Even if your tweet is re-tweeted by multiple different users, it is not likely to send traffic to your site for more than a few days. With Pinterest, it is not uncommon for the pins to continue to send traffic for months.

Of course, for this to happen, you need to get your product pinned by some users who have a decent away, or you’ll need a large following your own. Yet Pinterest is an opportunity that many other social networks do not.

Pinterest Tips for Designers :

  • Create a Business Account and Get Verified
  • Complete Your Profile
  • Plan Your Boards
  • Use Attractive Cover Images for Your Boards
  • Get Involved
  • Create Eye-Catching Images/Graphics
  • Use Text in Your Images
  • Space Out Your Pins
  • Use Your Blog to Attract More Followers
  • Use the Description Wisely
  • Link Your Pins to the Source
  • Participate in Group Boards


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Social Media Marketing Services in Hyderabad – Saga Biz Solutions

Social Media Optimization(SMO) is a process of promoting your business, product, brand or event through social Networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus, youtube, Social Bookmarking sites, RSS feeds and blogging sites.

smo companies in hyderabad

With this intention in mind Saga Biz solutions encourages company as well as Brand to an international level by means of social media tracks. SagaBiz boosts the consciousness of Business, Brand and the Product on social media sites such as integration of social media to web sites, providing special offers for followers of your brand, regular updating on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google plus, Pinterest and many more.

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