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Website Security Concept-Saga Biz Solutions

Basically, position of a web designer is to design a website and be certain how the visitors/clients “experience” the website. Security is not a major concern for them. During the old days of the band, there was a small chance for web designers to create a way for their visitors to interact with the site the static content material or Web Pages constituted of text and images that were served in HTML. However these days are long gone now.


Today, most of the web designers use various tools to design a website. As a tool, it comes with many security threats along with advanced modern features. Even if security is not a major concern for web designers, it is essential to be aware of this and know how to protect a malicious hacker site. Here are some safety concepts of a website:

  1. Protect your workplace:

If someone wants to break your website, then the first thing they need is the way to get. If malware is hooked up on any of the web designers desktops, hacker can without difficulty see whilst you log in to your website’s control panel or FTP. By using this, they can easily track your username and password and can access your entire site.

 So, as a web designer, first you need to check if your computer is free of malware. We suggest you to check as a minimum once in every week. Specially you must be careful when you’re engaged in a new or major project. If you wish to trade the ancient password, first scan your computer totally and be certain your old password will not be stolen by anybody.


While giving new password ensure that you are not making use of the same password or one that may be simply estimated through hackers As a web designer, familiarize themselves with the cross-site scripting and how to prevent it.

  1. Do not provide detailed information:

This is the position the place many businesses or web designers make mistakes. Web sites are particularly meant to provide content to visitors. So, give best regular expertise.

In several of sites, undoubtedly you may see exact information in regards to the organization in the about us web page part or administration section. By using doing so, you’re not directly supplying too much information about the hardware and apps that run them. Especially applications as shopping carts and content management systems are known to confess version numbers and other information that are useful for hackers.

Tools like Browser spy provide the details about your site to any skilled hacker and make a way to bug into the website online. Also be aware with the error messages; these too can furnish a small quantity of details about your website. So, at any time when you test your site, be certain that the error messages don’t show the information about the OS or web server.

  1. Beware of advertising networks

You would have heard about the advert networks that serve malware. And it is not reserved for smaller advert networks that no person has ever heard of. When an web designer or different individuals click on that add, it takes the victim to a site so as to make the most their browser/program and install the malware onto their laptop.

sagabizsolutions (2)

Apart from this, other attacks don’t even require the sufferer to click on advertising; their system may be infected with drive-by-download only the script is advertising. It can usually be done even without knowledge of the site for advertisements or advertising network themselves.

So, as a web designer it is most important for you to be mindful of security issues simply to avoid the malware and to provide better service to your clients.

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Magento is the best For Ecommerce solution? –Saga Biz Solutions

Due to usage of web in our daily business needs, we need to make transactions to pay for a product or a service. Ecommerce platforms help us to do that. In a shopping center or other niche website, which related to payment products and services need an ecommerce platform, to run correctly and get more from your website.

When it comes to choosing an ecommerce platform, ensure you deal among the many high-quality. Certainly one of them is Magneto.

ecommerce website development-sagabizsolutions

Magento is an open-source content material management system for e-commerce web sites. The software was at first developed by Varien Inc. According to the latest study on e-commerce platforms above, magneto managed to be in the best prospects.

Magento’s market share among the 30 most popular platforms e-commerce is about 30%. Despite being such a platform popular and trustworthy, there are many features that make it a good take.


One of the vital influencing function of this platform is themes. That you could customize pages and layouts. By giving the holsters, an possibility to make the platform look as they want, it has grow to be unexpected favourite among the market.The themes are designed for change of appearances of all pages by using including or modifying the Hypertext Preprocessor, HTML and CSS.

Magento customers can also apply themes which change the screen view of the site or its way to operate. Without loss of content material or layout of pages or backlinks or anything that is person centered, themes are interchangeable with Magento installations. Themes are installed by downloading files by way of FTP or SSH and making use of them in admin system of the website.


The platform is not just about eye candy, but also offers unbeatable security features behind them. It’s taking into account as essentially the most secure ecommerce platform and the hardworking staff is always making efforts to avoid all the piracy problems. The platform offers many features such as secondary passwords, PCI knowledge security and many more, you’ll get to know them in admin menu while you turn on this platform.


While using magneto, you’ll come across various plugins which developers have created. Magento plugins expand its base built-in functionality without compromising anything.

Magento users can install modules through downloading them, and uploading them to their server, or applying a module’s Extension Key by way of Magento connect manager. The entire procedure is easy and modules support quite a bit in dealing everyday ecommerce wants.


Magento allows customers to integrate several distinctive domain names into one control panel and manipulate more than one website’s part at a time from a single admin panel.


With quite a lot of programs like magneto lite and professional versions, that you would be able to decide upon in keeping with your site and they’re without problems available during and have negligible patron bad feedback. Magneto Go provides cloud ecommerce management method which may be very useful and helpful for small websites.

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7 causes Why Responsive web Design is wrong choice for some companies

Responsive web Design is a trend in the yr 2013. Some people say half of the web visitors will probably be delivered via mobile at upcoming. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile then the bounce rate of your website can increase.

Even though the responsive web design offers many advantages to us, it’s not prefect for some businesses. Listed below are seven strongest causes

responsive web design-sagabiz

  1. Create website for customers not for devices:

The majority of the web designers recommend you to create a site first for mobile devices and then for other structures. See, certainly this can be a harmless recommendation. You first give selection to users and then don’t forget the platforms (i.e cell, tablet, phablet, laptop, and many others.). Keep in mind that someone on a cell may have one-of-a-kind needs  than the same person when he is on a laptop or system  (to seek out deeper sources).

  1. Redesigning a mobile website is costly:

Simply assume that you simply designed your site for mobile website and then redesigned the same for computer definitely it expenses quite a bit. Apart from the fee component, it surely is a tedious approach. It won’t matter for gigantic organizations but small firms will absolutely suffer because of this.

  1. Responsive websites are slower on cell devices:

The loading speed is very important when you need to discuss with tons of pages for reference or other purpose. Majority of the people who browse through mobile expect a website load inside a highest of three seconds and about half of them return to the previous pages.


Yet, 85% of mobile sites sensitive counterbalance the loading speed as much as their desktop versions because they are mobile but not suited optimized mobile.

Usually, responsive websites load slower on mobile chiefly if you end up trying to entry lengthy content pages and photos; obviously it hurts the seo of your website.

  1. Some data is extra important than others:

In a mobile website, you only have a small room to scramble up. Because of that you cannot provide detailed information and can highlight some important points. This could be useful for some users, but other users may be looking for some deep resources or exciting pictures or something else, they cannot find in the responsive site. And even if it is possible, they should wait a while until the loading is completed. This will definitely give a painful experience.

  1. Mobile browsing habits are completely different from some natural websites:

The responsive web site will look great on the Google Glass? Definitely not. The form aspect is more than the width and height. It’s about the context, purpose and function.

That you could have my location on a cell, do you using it? You probably have a multi-website business, can you sort the locations based on that which is closest to me? You can do it, but the responsive web site not ever does the equal factor on its own. While you think mobiule particularly, alternatively than simply yet another form element, you build a better product.

  1. No “system View” on responsive web design:

In case you see non-responsive websites, there will always be an choice on the bottom of the page to look the “computing device mode” or something an identical. This alternative allows for the person to view the web site because it used to be designed for a desktop computer.

However in responsive websites, we do not have such choices. Many people still decide upon to visit the website on the mobile design. It is more so for websites that get a number of repeat traffic.

  1. Not sure you’re going to get extra mobile site visitors to your site:

There is no assurance that you are going to get more traffic in the future from mobile. It could be true for some industries as information, looking and hospitality. But others will take more time to regulate. The one method is to follow your mobile traffic utilizing evaluation tools.

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Importance of hosting in SEO-Saga Biz Solutions

Now a days, Websites are in serious need of search engine optimization practices. To optimize the content, design and various factors, we hire experts, to make our website a better place to discuss with. But apart from these, we forget a factor that’s influencing sufficient to effect website rankings. Yes! We are talking about website hosting. If the whole site is not located in a solid base, all efforts made on the site, could be worthless. Let’s see how main website hosting is to search engine optimization.

Seo Hosting -Sagabizsolutions

Site Speed

Web hosting affects website speed very much. If the website hosting platform will not be excellent, you can end up with an increase in the load time. Now these can intent critical concern. Viewers have to wait for the whole content to display. They might get annoyed and transfer to your competitors, whose site loads in a snap..

Thus, to bounce to other sites, can result in higher bounce rate, which will affect the ranking of search engines.

You can reduce the time, choosing a good platform for hosting and having dedicated servers if your site receives lots of traffic. Believe me, this investment is not worthless, in fact, it really means a lot, once your site becomes popular.


Safety can most effective be checked by using how good your hosting is. Many webhosting sites have impeccable security techniques. But when you opted for some low-priced hosting, then site is at risk of malicious attacks, viruses, and hackers. Good website hosting structures are secured by some massive antivirus companies, giving you a guarantee that you are safe, and your content on the site are not accessible to any other person.

Viewers alert

A good web site has hosted credible servers never go down. In case that do, search engine optimization performed on the site, has no role. Viewers will click on  the site and in finding that it’s no longer working, which will outcomes in bad person alerts, and Google goes to penalize you for that. Your search engine rankings will decline and income will suffer.


Credibility and popularity will also undergo, so be double certain before going for a hosting platform, as it may possibly really have an impact on your success.

Transcripts and Coding

Sometimes, a website requires search engine optimization to be done at deeper level, means coding the scripts and editing transcripts. If your site web hosting is not excellent, you may in finding many glitches and unable to take action.

Some authorities in finding it difficult to work on hosting platform, which is able to effect in low fine search engine optimization practices, ultimately losing the hunt engine rankings. Coding requires servers to be superb and lively for the period of. So total, a excellent hosted site is first step in the towards of making a successful website.

As you might have read how important hosting is for search engine optimization. Good t webhosting increases credibility and fame of the site. Without excellent hosting, your website is almost to non-existent, and search engine optimization practice could suffer. Hoping you have realized the importance and can look ahead to have a good hosting platform.

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How to choose the perfect template for website-Saga Biz Solutions

Online interaction for any number of factors has changed over the years. Men and women now seem for more and more information online. People search and to find their jobs, pay costs, shop online, search for homes, and even life partners over the web.Therefore, in this interconnected world, it has almost end up a necessity to have an internet presence for any business.

Having a website walking for a business 24/7, it may present potential buyers with all the information required and for this reason making it more probably for them to buy the product or opting for this service.

web designing

Significance of a website Design

The business competition today that it is essential for any business to improve and strengthen its world presence.. Studies have made known that at the same time a particularly technical website generates site visitors, a just right website raises its conversion. In this context, web design is one of the most essential factors and it desires thorough study and consideration. Hence, a web design requirement necessitates professional suggestions from in a position and inventive web designers.

Various ways are used to combine colors, create and become a member of phrases, test with fonts and photographs to get a business message to the potential shoppers. This to some extent helps in conversion of the website viewers into customers.

 Website design approach

Important as it’s, an web design is also complicated in its own sphere. There are two plans of action for getting a website design; one is custom website design and the opposite is ready made website template. In this article our intention is to focal point on the approach towards choosing the proper website Template for a company  site.

What’s a web Template?

A website template is a tool that separates content from the presentation. It can be outlined as a pre-designed customizable webpage. They is also self contained downloadable pages or a part of a web builder interface. A website template helps a user to insert the contents and design a website with no need to create webpages from scratch. It’s built with HTML and CSS Codes. Now the current usual is HTML5 and CSS3.

Facets to don’t forget when selecting a website Template for your business

Now that we understand the concept of a website Template, allow us to enlist the info to be considered before selecting a template for a particular business.

  1. Context:

Each website has its own context. An E-Commerce website emphasizes its products, a company website radiates believe and power. A social site points community even as a kid’s website illustrates enjoyable and happiness. Irrespective of how appealing a template may just look, it’ll now not get the intended value if it mismatches the business process.

  1. Layout:

The template design will be in responsible for structuring the information of the website. Therefore templates must be chosen as per the requirement and that which requires little or no alterations to be made. Many templates could appear very appealing however not map to the business information may display sequence. Such websites must be avoided as they’ll not be too productive in the long run. The template will have to not be centered on individual option. An effective template selection should be based on the preferences of the future users.

  1. 3. Template Flexibility:

A website template does not change often. Thus, a customizable template is recommended. This allows for future extension of the points with less or no extra investments. Customization could range from font, color, menu to multimedia and animations. However it will have to be ensured that the website template supports customizations as much as the required degree. Too much less with restrict functionality and too much will make the system difficult.

  1. Vendor Credibility:

Even the best templates will have error in them. Therefore, the credibility of the vendor should always be verified. Regardless how easy the template is also, customer support should always be ensured. This can be useful for pressing hindrance shoots.

  1. Usability and cross Browser aid:

A template is only a small part of a larger image. It is very important to ensure the website usability with aesthetic professionals.. The design should be excellent and the navigation will have to be handy. Additionally the template needs to be displayed with equal uniformity throughout all browsers. Within the age of mobiles and smart phones, responsive designs should be preferred.

Website templates must be created by both designers and the programmers. This may occasionally be certain its entrance end usability and again-end customization. The best template would be the one in order to hold the great steadiness between design and the features required.

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Migrating a WordPress website, the easy method-Sagabizolutions

Sometimes you may, or need, to move a WordPress site. It may be to move it to a new hosting provider or a private development server to a public. It can be done manually by following a few steps that involve access to servers, copy all the files and the database, and some other things like change some things in the database or the wp-config.php file.

wordpress website design

Sometimes a single step will not be achieved, which means the copied WordPress install not going to work. It may be a real pain sometimes, especially if there is a delay.

The Plugin

We must say we have not been asked or paid to endorse this plugin – we really tried a few and this one worked the best

The plugin is called All-in-One WP migration.

The way it works is very clever. Instead of copying files from server to server and having to change the settings, just install a new, empty WordPress install on the server you want to move too. Then install the plugin on both WordPress.

The one you want to copy from, you create the export file. This file contains all the plugins, themes, media downloads and information in the database. You then import that file into the new WordPress installation. Once the import is complete it works – all parameters are handled by the plugin.

It has some really nice features and gives you a very granular control. You can do things like not specify plugins to transfer files and thematic files, etc. It also creates backups that can be used to restore from.


Installation is the same as any other plugin – you can either download it from the WordPress plugin directory and add it to your WordPress install or download the plugin via your WordPress admin section. The plugin must be installed on both WordPress installations (the one you want to copy from and the one you want to copy too).

wordpress  website development (2)

Once installed, the admin in WordPress, you can access commands via the new menu item; All-in-One WP migration.


The plugin has a few options, but this guide will just cover the basic operation of copying data to a new WordPress install.

On the WordPress install you want to copy, select “Export” All-in-One WP Migration menu. Here you will see a simple screen that gives you a few options. One of them is that the plugin can lead to find and replace actions on the data in the database. This is useful if you want to do something like change the name of the site, but for most cases this can be left alone.

There is also the “Advanced Options” section that collapsed. If you expand, you will see a section of squares where you can exclude data (such as plugins, theme, media, etc.) if you do not want to copy across. For this example, we are not excluding any data. Simply click the “Export to” and select “File”.

This will begin to build the file. You will see a window showing the percentage so far. Once completed, the popup window will show an animation download button. Click this link to download the export file to your computer.(The plugin does give you the option to export to various other locations such as Dropbox or Google Drive if you do not want to download the file to your machine.)

Now you have the exported file on your machine, you are ready to import into the empty WordPress install.

On the empty WordPress install select “Import” All-in-One WP Migration menu. Just drag and drop the export file on the box or click “Import from” and “File” and select the file from your computer. You will now see another window that shows you a percentage of the import.

Just before the import is complete, you will see a warning informing you that the import messages replace all data in the WordPress install. This is what we want to happen, it is so beautiful to click “Continue.”

After a short wait, you will now see the context menu saying it was a success. As the instructions say pop, you must change the settings for the permalink to the way they were on the WordPress installation you copied the data from. To do this, close the window by clicking “Close”.

Now select in the menu under ‘Permalinks’ ‘Settings’. You may be prompted to log in again – remember that this WordPress installation is now a mirror of the one you have copied the data so use the same login information as you would for this installation. Once connected, you will be able to define the parameters of the permalink so they are the same.

That’s all there is too much, you’ve moved with WordPress website success.

Keep in mind that based on the size of your website the export file can be quite important. This, combined with your internet connection speed, will influence the time it takes to download and upload the exported file.


This plugin makes what was a delicate process much simpler. There are more multiple manual steps – only one of which hurt stop the website of the race.

Keeping your WordPress installs in sync, or move servers / hosts is now much easier.

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Tips for creating good E-Commerce the best themes for the Site and Experience.

In case you create a smooth and usable E-Commerce retailer and fill it up with some excellent products, shoppers will love it. It’s that simple. As soon as “within” they do tend to stay a while, mainly purchase whatever, which, of course, means more sales for you. That you could additionally make this occur!

Creating a excellent on-line shopping experience

Heeding these important guidelines will help you create that stunning E-Commerce experience:


Present your products in their best light, although some will not be all that photogenic. . Make it a point to use high quality images certain products from several different points of view can help improve earnings, as can showing how specific types of Products are used, or how satisfying they may be able to be to make use of. Show special colors, or utilize zoom and hover functionality to provide knowledge and to generate curiosity.



If your store offers a wide variety of products,, make it a point to include a web page search capacity. A search function is a way to provide good customer support.. Don’t subject your store visitors to lengthy navigation adventures. The faster they are able to find what they want, the more they are likely to make a purchase.

Ecommerece -sagabizsolutions


If you have navigated to a website page for which there is no return, or whose content is completely unrelated to what you need, you will know how your customers feel if they have a similar experience visiting your online store. Keep process your navigation clean, clear and simple.

web design-saga bizProducts

No matter how much effort you put into the design of your online shop, the way you present your products must be your priority. Avoid design features or distractions that could divert the attention of a product. Save the flashing ads for a website with a theme of action or entertainment.


First choose a popular WP theme to build your site

The need to follow the tips above can not be overstated. Disregarding any of them could result in dissatisfied customers and lost sales. You can help by selecting a WP Themes that will do the heavy lifting for you, including the integration of search and navigation functions and display of products designed so as to encourage purchases.

Enfold WordPress Theme

Enfold is an extremely user-friendly eCommerce theme. It is also rated best-selling ThemeForest. Its drag and drop layout editor is reputed to be the easiest to use of any of the pages of WordPress theme builders. The theme this website with his default demo worth seeing. The demo takes you on a round-up of this theme have to offer.

web designing-sagabiz

Enfold is suitable for any skill level. A novice can build a highly functional and attractive E-Commerce website in a very short time; while more advanced designers will find this theme of saving time can significantly improve their productivity. Like most other premium WordPress themes Enfold is frequently updated to improve functionality and to keep performance at a peak.

Kallyas Theme V 4.0

Kallays may be the most comprehensive ever created theme. The list of this premium WordPress theme is broad functionality, and design opportunities open to a website creator are virtually limitless. The customizable, creative 69-page element is just a start. There are a dozen sliders and slider devices, including iOS slider and a laptop cursor.

web designing

Kallyas set has 3 portfolio page, more than a dozen special and custom pages, drawings and an unlimited choice of heads and the home page variations. If you have been looking for a complete tool Web site design, you have found here.


WooCommerce theme Reviews have been positive, and customer support reviews were excellent. Boulder was created by an author ThemeForest top rated. He integrated the latest versions of Visual Composer and Layer Slider. Features include more than 100 theme options.

Site Features, you should not overlook

Your product display pages can well designed and easy to navigate, but before you open your store for business there are some things that should never be overlooked.

Pages FAQ

Save your customers the trouble of having to contact you for common issues that could be addressed adequately on a FAQ page. You will save you time. See the FAQ pages on other shopping sites for ideas.

Easy Checkout

Perhaps searching and selection of products in your store is a hassle-free experience, but a heavy order process can easily sour impression of a visitor to your business. Avoid baskets abandoned by your process simple and fast order.

Mobile Optimized

Since nearly 50% of online shoppers shop from a mobile device, make sure that your site is doubly sensitive, so it will show your store in the best possible light. Make your widest possible customer base; not half as big.

Fast load times

When pages are slow to load, visitors are often quick to leave. Generally, if your Web pages take an average of 3 seconds or more to load, you could lose up to a third of your customers. Use Page Speed ​​to check your site’s loading time.

Customer Reviews

Shoppers love the opportunity to find out what other shoppers have to say about an item before you decide to buy, and many buyers are quick to share their opinions with others. Your customers will receive a place on your site reviews, and they give you some idea of ​​how your product is perceived online.

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