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Analytics is the collection, processing, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the  purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage .i, e mainly observe and analyze the behavior of visitors to a website. Analytics allow us to use statistical algorithms and leverage computing power to explore, analyze and understand the data and to gather ideas for improving employment in the futuristic approaches. Analytics can be applied to enterprise data, describe, predict, and improve business performance. And also for predictive analysis, business decision management , retail analytics, stock-keeping unit optimization, marketing optimization and marketing mix modeling, sales force sizing and optimization, price and promotion management , predictive credit risk analysis measures . Google Analytics is undoubtedly website measurement and analysis tool available that allows us to track and report on our website’s traffic . It helps us to measure sales and conversions, and also gives us new insights into user behavior. It’s a good tool to monitor responses to our campaign and help drive traffic to our site.

Google Analytics allows us to track many statistics and important information on our website to say, knowing the number of people using our site, geographical location, details Popular pages and can be extremely beneficial to our business, it helps us to see how effective and successful  our online presence by displaying a breakdown of all of the traffic information.

Benefits of Google Analytics :-

It is totally free to use and is online with no purchase subscriptions. The whole range of statistics and tracking analysis are available without charge. All that is needed is a Gmail account.

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Traffic source analysis: – Google Analytics can show us how users are taken to our website, such as number of people visiting our Web site through a referral link from another site, or via organic searches or paid advertisements or search engines. This allows us to see the proportion various effective methods of traffic sources are, as if our ads are good results in increased traffic.

Information about visitors: – Google Analytics provides detailed information about visitors coming to our site. We can see the countries and cities where the vistors access our site, help us understand if localized marketing campaigns or keywords would help provide the desired results. i.e we can improve the sessions or page views by modifying campaigns to the desired region to hire more new users and keep old visitors.

It can also help us tailor our content and advertising and improve campaigns to generate a significant portion of the traffic.

Specific page popularity :- Google Analytics can provide information on which of our pages are most popular, or visited often, allowing us to see the pages of our site are considered relevant by visitors, so we can improve the content. Using the information provided by the analysis that we can improve the site  pages to generate more revenue and to customize our future content to make it more sought out information by our visitors.

Website bounce rates :- Bounce rate is noted when users view a single page of our website before leaving the site .If our bounce rate is high, it is likely that we are not providing relevant information our users or visitors may accidentally stumbled on our website. We also need to check if any of the keywords are a bit misleading, or the quality of our traffic sources can be understood.


Bounce rate depends on the relevance and quality of the content on our website, showing visitor satisfaction through our website. This can also help us to see which pages are encouraging users to stay on our website for a longer time and visit more pages. Also it helps us to improve landing pages with high bounce rates.

Traffic flow : – Google Analytics can show the traffic flow making an entry in our website. We can understand the statistics of our visitors who enter the site. We can even understand the traffic coming from desktop, mobile or tablet and accordingly flow can be managed effectively. There is a lot of useful information to be drawn from this. We can see the visitor response to our landing pages, as well as analysis of bounce rate for each page, allowing us to focus on improving these pages to increase visitor retention and generate more leads . We can also understand which pages visitors have priority when browsing on our website, which can allow us to modify our pages prioritized by the visitors while navigating to our site, this can allow us to modify our pages to allow better improved navigation while modifying pages that are rarely being visited.

Review historical data :- Google Analytics can show the manner the visitor traffic has changed across large periods of time.This can be very useful to see if there are trends within certain deadlines. For example, we can understand which of our marketing campaigns have been successful helping us to shape our advertising for future campaigns ,  or to understand and analyze the pages, services or products that collect a larger amount of interest at specific points of the month or year. Data can be monitored on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Google Analytics also provides email reports, subdomain management, outbound links, mobile statistics search statistics ,social reporting and monitoring revenue, making it a very powerful marketing and statistics tool available for increasing the effectiveness of our online presence  especially as its free

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10 TIPS FOR SUCCESS IN SEO – Saga Biz Solutions

which stands for Search Engine Optimization is the process of structuring a web page so that it is easy to find, read and indexed by search engines like Google effectively. SEO increases your chances of being found when looking for customers for your product or service on Google. When a customer is not able to find your product on the search engines, it is also good not to exist. SEO is the most cost effective way to attract new customers to your business. To do this, here are 10 tips managed to achieve a good ranking.


1.) Keyword Research :

To ensure good optimization website, your content should be rich of the keyword that you define. There is no point writing so much copy if it doesn’t contain the keyword that is commonly searched for. When using any SEO tool like Google Google Adwords Keyword Tool, always keep your keyword ambiguous. This will lead to many suggestions, some surprising ones or some even out of the box.SEO tools allow you to monitor levels of competition for the keywords that are searched a lot. This will allow you to optimize your campaign for the use of the most effective keyword.

2.) Build good links :

The goal of any website is to achieve a high Google PageRank. The algorithm for determining page rank is changing the quality and the number of links on your site. Always link reputed sites back to your site. With high quality and relevant content, good links to your website can increase the PageRank of your website. Nowadays, SEO tools to see the links to your competitor sites that can help you develop your future strategies with quality links that can benefit from increasing your page rank.

3.) Deep Linking :

It is important to have quality links coming to your website. In addition, they must be linked to different pages of your site. This will allow you to target the most relevant links to each specific page. This will improve the user experience and also help search engines to see what your website as much relevant content boosting the PageRank of your website. It is considered low if the sites only have links that direct users to the home page, or links that are not genuine, which reduces the not genuine, reducing the value of the site.

4.) Sitemaps :

Sitemaps are useful for navigation on your site. It makes it easy for crawlers of search engines to search quickly and effectively each page of the website.This lead to less number of clicks that the content is easy to find. Search engines also use XML sitemap version that consists of a list of all pages of the site and includes dates the last modified pages. XML sitemaps are submitted to search engines to help them find and link to all content of the website .Have Content quality content

5.) Have quality content :

The importance of SEO is to have quality content on your main page. The text is readable must contain relevant and targeted keywords as well as the information in the meta tags and alt tags. The content should be keyword -centric, to be useful to a reader. . When the content of the site is relevant, search engines link it to the search term.  However, if the content is stuffed with keywords, it will appear as spam and can detract user off.


6.) Optimizing Meta Tags :

Meta tags exist in the site code. The two most important Meta tags are the description and keywords. Meta tags is generally a summary which gives us a sample of what the site is about and have an important role in determining search rankings. The description tag contains information that will be read by users when your page comes up in search listings and plays a crucial role I determine if the user clicks on your site or not. The length of the meta description tag should be around 150 to 200 characters. The description tag should contain keywords, but should not be over-stuffed.  If the Meta Tag is overstuffed with the keyword search engines will consider it obsolete.  However, all search engines recommend using them optimally. You have to think in terms, people are likely to be searching, thus they are brought to your website with relevant content. There is no need to add too many duplicates on your site because it is best to choose one or two variations of each keyword.

7.) Alt tags for images :

Alt tags help SEO as a descriptive tag, adding the relevant text to the source code, search engines can see when indexing the site. A higher search ranking can be obtained with more relevant content, making these valuable tags. Alt tags help the visually impaired who evaluate the site using a screen reader. Since they can not see the images, they give a description of the image, so that no content is missing from the site.

8.) The leverage on social media :

Today social media is something more and faster to get your site noticed. Social Media provides a platform where people interact socially with the other online. Some examples of sites and social media applications include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. To get the most out of social media help your customers out with retreats or with advice that will increase the effectiveness of this media.

9.) Make sure your site’s domain name contains keywords :

Never overuse many keywords in the domain name of your website, but keywords instead, a few chosen keywords to highlight your content of the website can prove to be useful. Your site will be considered as spam by search engines if there are too many keywords in the domain name. Avoid hyphens is also key element in getting the domain name right.

10.) Use of headings :

The titles are the gateway to your website. A catchy and relevant title plays a very important role in determining whether the user clicks or ignore your website. The header page is the first thing that search engine look to see what the page is about. Thus, it is essential that heading contains keywords that are relevant to the content of the page and provide appropriate targeting. Headings play an important role in organizing information on a website. For crawlers to access the website easily, it is important to use the appropriate tags the header page through out.

Conclusion :

SEO is a vital aspect to make your site accessible to both users and search engine robots. Today, despite the search engines has become more and more increasingly advanced, there is no guarantee that they can see and understand a Web page. SEO helps engines understand what the page is all about, and how it can benefit users. SEO make sure your site is listed as close to the top of relevant search results. If SEO does not exist, it will be as good as the customer drives by your store without even noticing that you exist.

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How to control your Online Reputation with SEO?

Online Reputation Management integrates seamlessly within your search engine marketing program. It is the fastest, most effective way to deal with the bad press that has surfaced on the search engines about you or your business.

Online reputation management is crucial in this day and age to maintaining a successful business. Monitor and evaluate what others say about your business — if your customers and competitors — is imperative. SEO Inc. actively monitor and grow your online reputation. Build your opportunity Media, with new content informative website optimization and social media engagement is the first step.

At SEO Inc. we give you the opportunity to take control by integrating our services and reputation management strategies online in your Internet marketing plan. Reputation management gives companies the power to control the information available on your online brand.

Representing your brand accurately

Your online presence is often the first and most important impression that your company can make on potential customers. Describing your brand as a positive and active presence online can turn into increased sales, more fans, good news and taking increased brand awareness.

Our approach to online reputation management for companies is to be very proactive in building solid assets online and earned media.

We only integrate the best SEO techniques with targeted content development and means of social media marketing plans and objectives.We will help you take control of your online presence brand using well optimized, positive messages.

We’ll help out any way to limit the damage to areas hurt your business more. It could such a thing as “any press is good press,” but we’ll help make sure it is good press.


Steps for an Effective Online Reputation Management Campaign:

As search engine marketing, online reputation management uses a methodical, multifaceted to protect your online reputation.

The first step is to identify the sites and pages which contains negative publicity about your business, and are the ranking of important keywords. These keywords may include your name, your company, or key employees.

The second step in the management of online reputation is to analyze the sites and pages of their respective ranking authority. This will help you determine the effort and tools you will need to use in order to move from the first page listings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. A negative PR blitz that spreads through social networking sites is more difficult to remove than a single blog post that is on a non-authoritative domain.

The final step is to gather the necessary tools and execute your online reputation management campaign. The use of optimization tools such as press releases, a new network of competing websites and blogs, social media profiles and social bookmarking programs. Online reputation management can also include heavy content syndication to build high quality links. A marketing specialist search engine will have these tools at their disposal.

Steps control bad publicity with managing online reputation:

To understand why the management of online reputation is effective, you must understand how the negative press is rooted in the first search top listings. classify pages Google, Yahoo and Bing based on many criteria. If a website and its individual pages satisfy the most important of these criteria, these pages will rank well.

Much of the bad press that target companies (maybe even your own) is placed on websites that cater to key parameters ranking in the search algorithms. This means that negative publicity can get into the top positions and gain exposure. When people search for you or your business, they will see the bad press. That the damage to your reputation.

Reverse SEO is a strategy ORM that pushes negative publicity of high-level research positions. By moving the bad press off the first page of ads, online reputation management and limits its exposure stifles its impact.

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To effectively market your business online, it is important that your website is designed with optimization of search engines (SEO) in mind. Most Internet users find websites through search engines, when looking to buy a product or service. We specialize in small business search engine optimization, and proven experience of getting higher search rankings for our clients.

Search engines are limited in how they explore and interpret the web content. A Web page does not always look the same , as it looks like a search engine with a range of expertise, both creative and technical, we will build you a website that is uniquely yours and differs from others on the Internet. The attention to detail, proactive project management courteous, and timely recovery are key elements of what we do.

Your website will be an original creation designed to fit the personality and your business goals. We do not use cookie cutter methods to design websites. We design, clean and elegant websites that are easy to navigate, which translates into a better experience for your customers.

How to build a Website?

The best way is to build a website that incorporates best practices and search engine optimization techniques, while keeping in mind the usability of your site, target audience, and your business niche.

Google originally launched the first Panda update, back in 2011, since then, things have changed so much that now it is more important than ever to make sure you have a professionally designed website that has easy navigation for visitors and attractive looks. Your search engine optimization efforts are only as good as the limits of your website platform.

Our SEO friendly web design services to create sites that appeal to both users and search engines. We make the right adjustments so that search engines can easily index your web site, our web designers ensure that your website is aesthetically appealing and convert traffic into sales. We respect your images and pages, while we are building your website with SEO friendly titles and tags.


Brand and Logo development:

Benefit from premium brand promotes attention, loyalty and profits. Our specialists will increase your brand equity by ensuring that it is appropriately positioned, apart from your competitors, and memorable. See samples of our brand design and logo.

User Interface (UI) Design &Usability Design:

SEO-friendly web design should be user friendly. Our process of information architecture will help you determine the goals you want to reach your customers on your site. Then we evaluate your site from their perspective, the analysis of what your customers would like to see, what goals they come to your website to accomplish. We strive to balance, put your goals in the website keeping in mind the type of frame, the customer expects. We provide in-depth recommendations, both in terms of structure and technique, and implement the best calls to action to guide customers to the site’s objectives.

Search Friendly Web Design:

Sagabizsolutions known SEO Web Design professionals include both the design and how the work of search engines. They specialize in search engine friendly web design strategies that look beautiful and help websites rank well in the search engines. See examples of our web search friendly design in our portfolio.


In addition to using HTML coding for your website, there are other options you can use to build your site. Some most popular are PHP, Javascript, Ajax, Flash, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Which is better? It depends on the type of business you operate and / or the audience of your website. All development work is done to the latest W3C standards and using the latest technologies as appropriate such as HTML5 and CSS3. Vab media can code, build and deploy websites of superior quality and cutting edge incorporating the best methods, including ease of use, compatibility and search engine optimization.


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Get More Web traffic by Guest Blogging –Saga Biz Solutions

Higher traffic, attain to “undiscovered” relevant visitors , quality back-links and improving search engine optimization rank, all this, without a high budget  on promoting, is what guest blogging blog can do for you. In visitor blogging, you are blogging on another site or find someone to guest blog on your site.

guest blogging-sagabizsolutions

How will you Get more site visitors by Inviting guest Bloggers in your weblog web site?

Inviting bloggers to your website or blog web page and permitting them to put up their contents significantly adds traffic to your website. Certainly, when a blogger publishes content for your website it opens two ways to get site visitors:

The other advantage of a guest blogger blogging in your web page is that you just get access to their social community. When their article will get published to your website online they will push their article to their facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts. This pushes your web page to a whole new audience that you simply didn’t have access to before.

Second, it extends the size and scope of your content. Your site will get content enrichment without much of investment time and cash. The extra content that has been posted to your weblog serves sort to your readers. In addition, with the referral from joyful readers, you could get extra readers.

 When you find yourself the “guest” in Guest Blogging

The idea of giving out your valuable content to another website online could seem a little peculiar. You may believe like adding content to your own site could be extra worthy. Making sure your web site has great content is always a top priority but generating high quality links back to your possess website must be a top priority too.

Whilst you write a blog post on a different website you can target key words and link them back to pages on your web page so folks click by means of and it is going to aid your rating in Google for those key words.

back links from a reputed platform could earn you visitors and improving  SEO ranking as a bonus. These inbound links bridge the gap between you and the persons “hidden in sea of web” may be  in interested your offers. With back links from a guest blogging website you get:

  •  Share from loyal audience base viewers guest blogging Platform.
  • extended attain and size of principal audiences. This won’t happen with few initial web publication posts, but ultimately readers will recognize your name and start trusting you, leading to enlarged loyal viewers.

This would possibly not happen with a single guest put up on another web site, it will take multiple posts to achieve their readers trust and recognize your name.

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Backup you’re WordPress Blog Using cPanel?-SagaBizSolutions

About two third of all websites up and running over the world wide don’t have any active backup.

Best when a website will get hacked or lands in a state sensitive, we come to realize the importance of backing up our site data. And when that occurs, we come to be with the daunting challenge of getting to build the site right from the scratch again.


Backup WordPress

To keep away from facing through a identical fate, you have to ensure that you’re replicating your website content and database periodically. Centered on the sensitivity of information, you must opt for a proper frequency for developing creating backups.

If you’re in search of technical help on this regard, then you could have landed on the correct situation. This tutorial is meant to take you through a step-by -step procedure of creating backups in your WordPress or Joomla sites making use of cPanel webhosting using control panel.

Before we get into the technical details, let’s get some clarity on the components of a website that are required to be backed up. WordPress, Joomla or some other Hypertext Preprocessor-situated internet site consists of two fundamental accessories – 1. Files and 2. Database.

With a view to create a full backup of your Joomla/WordPress site, you have got to replicate each the components and store the replicated files on a local system. Here in  this tutorial, we will be able to be using cPanel’s inbuilt ‘File manager’ tool  for creating  the files backup, at the same time the database will probably be backed up using phpMyAdmin.

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Open an online browser application, form the cPanel URL (as furnished by using your host) on the deal with bar and click ‘Enter’. Provide your cPanel Username-Password combo and click on the ‘Login’ button.

Step 2: Go to ‘File manager’

After logging into cPanel interface, scroll down to the ‘files’ section and click on on the ‘File manager’ icon. Navigate to the root listing (public_html) and click on main the principal installation folder of your WordPress/Joomla website.

Step 3: Compress all the Files

Highlight the files (Control+A) present inside the listing and click on the ‘Compress’ button located right above the cPanel navigation menu.

Step 4: shop the Zipped File

when you click on the ‘Compress’ button, a brand new window will pop up and you’ll be triggered to browse to the directory the place you desire to save the zipped content documents. Navigate to a suitable folder in your hard drive and click on the ‘Compress files’ button on the bottom of the window to place the zipped backup over there.

Depending upon the size of the records and the speed of your web connection, it might take 2 to 10 minutes for downloading the backup for your local system.

Creating the Database Backup

Let’s now move on to the 2nd part of the tutorial. Here we will be creating a backup of your WordPress/Joomla database using phpMyAdmin software.

Step 1: Open phpMyAdmin

Scroll down to the ‘Databases‘ section on cPanel principal interface and click on the ‘phpMyAdmin‘ icon.

Step 2: Select required Database and Authenticate your self

phpMyAdmin will present you with a list  of the databases to be had for your webhosting account. Show upt the database that you want to backup and click on the ‘Export’ button on top of the web page. An authentication field will open up and you’re going to be requested to provide your database username and password.

Step 3: Specify the Export procedure

‘Quick’ and ‘customized’ are the 2 database exporting options for you. Rapid Export is the default option so one can create the backup in SQL layout. Customized Export allows you to customize the backup and download it to your desired database style and format. So prefer the favored export process and click on the ‘Go’ button.

Step 4: Download the backup database

Once the database is exported, you will be shown a successful export notification. You can now download and store the database backup on your local hard drive.

With what you have managed to create a backup of your WordPress / Joomla update blog. Now if your site is hacked, you should not have to start a new blog all over again. You can easily restore your Web site using the backup files on your local computer.

Similarly, if you need to migrate to a different hosting environment, all you need to do is download the backup files to your new server and set up your blog in a matter of few minutes.

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Website not Getting listed? Here’s what you have to verify

The entire factor of having a website is to make it seen across the online and enchantment to target visitors. If your site is just not indexed, it will not appear in search engine and this defeats the purpose for which it was created within the first position. There possibly various reasons in the back of search engines no longer indexing your website. Here is the checklist of issues regarding web site indexing and the solutions to fix them.



Robots.Txt, if there, is the primary thing that a search engine bot appears up when visiting your site. It is used by webmasters to provide guidelines to the search engine bots visiting a site. If your robots.Txt file carried directions to discourage search engine crawling, your web page won’t get indexed. That you may determine your web site’s robots file by using adding /robots.Txt at the end of your domain name.


DISAllow: /

If you see the above statement to your robots.Txt file, it means that the search engine bots are discouraged from crawling your web site’s content material. You can easily solve this problem by removing the ‘/’ from this command. You should use the robots.Txt file effectively to de-index particular folders to your web site. Google’s very possess robots file has covered an long list of commands. Verify it out in your reference.

Meta Tags

it’s a regular practice by using webmasters to make use of meta ‘robots’ tag to check search engine bots from crawling a exact net web page. If an exact web page in your doesn’t get listed, verify  its source code for this meta tag:

This tag will preclude the web page from being crawled by the search engine bots. Some WordPress topics contain this meta tag by using default. If your WP website online has indexing problems, it’s valued at checking the theme header for this tag. As soon as this tag is removed from the source code, search engine bots can crawl the certain web page.

Sitemap errors

A sitemap (XML or HTML) presents a search engine robot with the list of URLs to be crawled on your website. If for some reasons the sitemap to your website is not automatically up-to-date, search engine bots may just some time to detect these webpages and this might cause delay in indexing.

You need to verify  the Webmaster tool  for issues related to the sitemap. The Sitemap important points web page will tell you in regards to the errors in it. As soon as the errors are fixed, which you could generate a new xml sitemap to your site and upload it in the root to your website.

Different Crawling errors

Once you have excluded the above mentioned issues, head to your Google Webmaster instruments dashboard and verify for crawling errors. The crawling errors must be constant as and when you see them. One of the page crawling blunders probably associated URL parameter issues, which almost always happen within the case of dynamic hyperlinks. That you may fix blunders like this by utilizing a easy 301 redirect.

Getting indexed under another domain name

Before coming to a conclusion that your website just isn’t indexed, verify out for different domain names on your area identify that would were indexed with the aid of serps. For illustration, http://www.Yoursite.Com and http://yoursite.Com could appear just like you. Nevertheless, they’re two distinct URLs in keeping with the various search engines.

If your webite is listed in another name from one you preferred, you have got to specify your desired area identify within the Webmaster tools and use a 301 redirect. You could also use canonical link element for the version of the most preferred URL variant but a 301 redirect is extra strong.

No Incoming hyperlinks

This issue is common in web pages which might be new to the web. If your website doesn’t have any incoming links from other web sites, it might take a whilst for Google to find your web page. For those who wish to get your website online indexed quickly, you may need to construct some oneway links manually. Back-links from high PR web pages will provide extra link weightage to your website thereby helping it get indexed quickly.

Submitting your site to Google Plus will earn you an incoming hyperlink and help your website online get discovered by means of the quest engine bots. You can also submit your website URL to Google via your webmasters tool. These approaches will drastically improve the chances of getting indexed by way of Google.

Bad hyperlinks & Google Reconsideration Request

it is main for a website owner to constantly determine the exceptional of incoming hyperlinks. The back links to your website must now not violate Google’s guidelines on link quality. You could discover these bad links through your Google Webmaster tools. If your site has too many bad hyperlinks, it will be de-indexed by Google and different serps.

If by way of any chance your website has been de-listed as a result of this trouble, you have to disavow these unhealthy bad links absolutely and make sure that your site not violates the guidelines. As soon as that is fixed, you have to submit a reconsideration request to Google through your Webmaster tools.

Search engine optimization Spamming

There are numerous black hat seo techniques practiced by means of spammers to get higher rankings instantly. Google constantly maintains tab of its search engine quality and takes guide motion on web sites that spamming techniques. Shortcut methods like cloaking, keyword stuffing, content material scraping and unsolicited mail hyperlinks and so forth. Will get your site completely de-indexed.

The simple resolution here is to clean up your web site of the entire spamming techniques and publish a reconsideration request by means of your Webmaster tool.

Malware Ridden web sites

web pages contaminated with malwares may just get disappeared from search results very quickly. The silver lining right here is that you can find the predicament earlier than your website get de-indexed. Google Webmaster tool will challenge a warning that your web site has been compromised.

Once you have discovered the problem, that you can take away the malware and enhance your web page’s protection. Which you could additionally submit a reconsideration request in case your website has already been de-indexed.

Website Downtime

In case your website is regularly down for a tremendous period (say just a few weeks) of time, it might get de-listed from the various search engines. The one resolution right here is to fix the obstacle causing downtime and get your website online again

Once your web site is again online, it’s going to take a whilst to get your traffic again to its traditional repute. In case your website online isn’t listed even after fixing the trouble, you may have got to post the reconsideration request within the Webmaster tool.

Moreover to the ones listed here, Google has also stated a couple of more circumstances in which your site won’t get listed.

Fetch as Google

If you happen to consider your website doesn’t have any of the above issues, right here’s a easy solution to get your web page indexed: go online to your Google Webmaster tools account and click on on ‘Fetch as Google’ hyperlink beneath ‘Crawl’. Enter your URL and put up to index. You may even see the web page listed on Google inside seconds.

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