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Top 6 Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Activities To Boost Website Traffic – Saga Biz Solutions

Search Engine Optimization primarily works  on two kinds of techniques, one is on-page optimization and other is off-page optimization. Both techniques are used to rank sites in search engines. Once on-page optimization is complete the off-page optimization is done. Off-page optimization is a very important part of the of search engines optimization as it helps the performance of a website and helps give backlinks to a site. Backlinks are important because it helps search engines to drive traffic to a website. One of the effective ways to drive traffic to a website is link building which also helps to increase the visibility of the site. Link building is the backbone of organic search. When on- page optimization and off-page optimization are done together, it gives a better ranking. To survive in this competitive search engine optimization world branding of the website or company is very important and for this we need to create links.


There are many websites that are created almost daily, but they are able to generate traffic? Does your website buried under hundreds of others? Content is reaching out to the people? To deal with  these questions here are 6 off page optimization activities that can boost traffic to a website.


Social Bookmarking is a very powerful way to promote a website. First, we need to know what do we mean by social bookmarking. Every day we come across different pages of a website that we find interesting, so instead of remembering the address of the Web page through social bookmarking, we can save the address as a bookmark . We can save bookmarks and share with others. We can also come across bookmark that is already registered by others and add to our list. Thus, the quality content of a website is important that people will bookmark only the pages they find interesting or they feel may be used for future reference. Content should be written with appropriate keywords and content should connect with the audience. It is recommended to use a keyword in a paragraph. When someone visits a website, it is important to hold them back which  can be done if the content attracts the visitor. Social Bookmarking support effective for the ranking, websites was bookmarked mean that the content has attracted the user.

Social Bookmarking helps to get indexed faster in the search engine, which in turn helps to get more traffic to a website. StumbleUpon, Delicious are popular websites used for social bookmarking.


Directory Submission simply means submitting your website link to some of the reputed web directories. It involves not only the submission of URL, but also the titles, descriptions and other details of the site to the web directories. directory submission not only helps to recognize by the search engines, but also building backlinks. So now you see the link building is equally important. Link Building can help get website traffic, where the links are submitted in the directories if the search robots see links usually has a greater chance of being ranked. Since your site will be added to the categories in the searchable online directory helps the site to gain visibility and also provides links to your website which in turn helps to link popularity. It is very important that the titles and descriptions contain the keywords because it helps the site being indexed and listed in popular search engines. Content optimization is very important, if the content is quality content, it will attract more people. We must ensure that the content is unique and easily readable.

Since directory submission provides inbound links to your website is a very effective way to increase traffic to a website.


Blogging is one of the effective ways to connect with your audience directly by sharing facts, opinions, ideas with people and also for the creating backlinks to a website. Blogging helps to promote a brand or company easily simply by sharing your ideas, information about the company or brand with people.

have relevant and quality content is very important as it attracts more people. One must ensure that the content is easily readable, unique and well written. Connecting with the public through blogs is easy as the benefits of a product, various services offered, etc. can be shared directly. Interaction with the public can do on a daily basis through blogs, users can share their thoughts and views regarding the products. Visibility and ranking in search engines can be acquired if the blog is subject to certain reputable blog directories. Therefore, blogs can be an effective way to increase traffic to a website.


Social networking is the best way to gain traffic to a website, for this first, you must create an account on the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.


Build social networks helps to expand your network online by connecting online with friends, share your ideas and to promote your brand or company mainly to boost brand awareness. So it is very important to build an online reputation to gain visibility. Social networking is the best digital marketing tool that the company prefers to use to promote their brands. Social networking has become an essential tool for any business as it helps in building relationships and engaging with a huge community of individuals present worldwide. Being active on social media and keeping up to date information about brands is a must. Various marketing strategies can be adopted to promote a brand through social media channels, which in turn can increase traffic to a website.


Map Listing  is a very effective way to increase traffic as it helps in getting listed in Google maps which in turn helps the business being recognized.

When someone is looking for a dry cleaner near Guildford, user has to scroll past a map listing where all the dry cleaners present near Guildford are listed in the map. Instead of scrolling down the bottom of the page the person would prefer viewing on the map where their details are also available. It can basically bring exposure to your brand and also to get customers directly to your door.So, it is very important to update the information on a regular basis. Google My Business can be used to create a listing map and maintaining accurate information.

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Reviews about your business is an important consideration for off-page optimization because it affects the ranking of a website in search engines. Any review that is good or bad may affect the ranking of your website. Thanks to a positive business review, a company can build his confidence on the brand and converting a visitor to a buyer would be high. It is recommended to ask your customers to write reviews of your business that can help to get visibility and also boost traffic to your site.

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4 Ways Other Than SEO To Boost Website Traffic – Saga Biz Solutions

There is a lot of hype about search engine  optimization. Though SEO can be a great way to generate traffic for your website. However, relying wholly on SEO to drive traffic to your site is not a good idea. There are many ways in which you can diversify the visitors who come to your website. There are different strategies that you can opt to be on a safer side whenever Google’s  algorithm takes a roll. There should always be a plan B ,if plan A (SEO) fails. Let us explore Plan B in the details …

All traffic is not equal

All traffic coming from your website does not equal. Highly targeted traffic will generate a better return on investment (ROI) than the traffic is not targeted  in nature. This fact is repeatedly overlooked by us. It is important to keep in mind that not all traffic is equally important. Good traffic numbers  is a motivator, but if that traffic is not targeted  then these numbers are simply unnecessary. For example, 500 untargeted visits are not equivalent to 50 targeted visits. Let’s take a look at the other sources of traffic generation other than SEO.


4 ways to generate website traffic are

online advertisements

With the help of online advertisements, you can generate hundreds of clicks within no time. There are new advertising platforms and future innovative every other day, it gives you immense opportunities to get your ads in front of the right audience. According to recent documents, the UK, digital ad spending grew 13.4% in 2015 compared to 2014. This shows the effectiveness of online advertising is nowadays.

Before you step into using online ads, it is important to trace how to make money from that traffic. You need to work on ways to generate a ROI (return on investment )from  your ads since the traffic is nothing when you can not convert them into profits. There are two points to note here …

  • To get the most from your ads, advertising something that people want.
  • The second is to create effective ads that motivate the right set of people to click on them. While creating ads, you must keep in mind the targeting of ads and the design of it.

Study ads that make you take action and see if you can use their success by taking things that makes them work.

Each advertising platform focuses on a different set of targets. Here, targeting resources to which the ads appear. Using tools like ” Lookalike Audiences’” targeting  ad becomes easier. Targeting decide how much you will spend. You do not have to spend on the ads immediately. Start by spending a few dollars and then analyze the trend. Do this for a week to get your hands on advertising platform. In the next week, you can use other metrics as well such as profit or email signups.

Experiment with different advertising platforms is important to know which at works best for you. For example, for B2B, LinkedIn works best when if you focus on B2C, Instagram works best.

Guest blogging

With the help of guest blogging, you can generate visitors to your website. When blogs as a guest, there are two things you must keep in mind.

  • First, find sites that suit your niche and also accept guest posts. search Google  for the same and you will get these sites.
  • The second thing to consider is writing an appalling piece of content for the site.

With the help of these three tactics, you can generate the best guest post ideas. One is Buzzsumo, to generate good topics. The second is to use Buzzsumo to search the site you want to post  on. The last option is to write something based on your personal experience. For example, you could write a case study.

When writing these pieces, remember to provide “how to” instructions for readers so that they get similar results.

approach blogging sites that you would like to guest post with respect. Go through the instructions in their editorial lines while submitting a guest post  proposal. Approach as many sites as you can. Once your post is published, remember to take care of the comments section. Be reactive! This helps to increase the content value .

Blog commenting

You can comment on blogs in order to increase traffic to your website. You will need to look for sites that are posting  content related to your interest. Comments on industry sites can bring better results that blogs on non-related industries. The reason being, traffic Industry blogs is more focused than others. Therefore, the traffic of this region has the highest probability of getting converted.

Things to remember when post a comment

  • Add something valuable and substantial discussion.
  • Take the time to respond wisely. This will showcase your knowledge and expertise in this field. Therefore encourage readers to go to your website.
  • Use real names instead of using the name of the business. This adds a personal touch and also eliminates the impression of using this platform for business
  • Use a good image can do wonders. Your image will work well.

social media

Social media has the ability to generate traffic and increase your profits at an incredible rate! Today’s, over 78% of companies have dedicated social media team and 54% of B2B marketers leads generated by social media platforms.

For generating sales from social media platforms, you can not directly ask the visitor to come and buy your product. However, you will show them the value and develop goodwill between you and the audience. Content marketing  combined with social media works well. With the creation and content marketing you can provide value to potential followers and if the content is compelling enough, they will be persuaded to visit it again.

If the content is old, it does not mean it has no value. Using tools such as a “buffer”, you can post your old content and keep it in a flow. However, you need to focus on the redesign of a single piece of content in different ways for each status update. Using different approaches, you can make your content look good in the different segments of the audience. Constantly providing value, you can increase the engagement of social media and therefore generate more sales.

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Are you worried of not generate traffic to your site? Though you are into ad not able to do conversions.Then here is the solution for your problems!

Solution for your problem is the quality score. Yes, you heard me right. It is score given to keywords which determines the effectiveness of your key words.To make optimum use of ad words, Google and almost all industry resources recommends creating ad groups for discussion and strong keywords that might help your target audience to land at your website. Before getting a quality scores try to understand the working process of Ad words.It manages combining your actual bid and keyword quality score. Each keyword is given a quality score, it does not mean that you offer more. Google Ad words gives freedom to bid for your ad and use it more efficiently, you must add the keywords that have good quality scores. In align with what you need to remove negative keywords. As the adverse effect of using negative keywords, which would harm the purpose of using the Ad words.


Usually the quality is evaluated between the range of 1 to 10. Its best practice to use these quality scores above 6.If your keyword is 10 then its great results and you can expect the increase the exponential traffic.You can even experiment with the keywords and make sure you doing  it within the limits of the budget. The most important thing to note is that you could get the score before the ads were written before the CTR (click through rate) and before the landing pages were determined. An experiment is conducted by one of the SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) consultant let  me share the details. Experiment was conducted on low traffic campaigns and decided to experiment on some items.After experimenting, , it is becoming ever more apparent that Ad words is only partially on the advertiser’s side. This should not be as shocking as it is, because, after all, each click on an ad makes money for Google, which is the underlying point of all business – profit.

Components of Quality Score affect Ad Rank

Every time someone does a search that triggers an ad that competes in an auction,we calculate an ad rank. This calculation incorporates your bid, auction-time measurements of expected CTR, ad relevance, the landing page experience, and other factors. To determine the quality components results in time, we examine a number of different factors. By improving these factors, you can help improve the ranking of quality components of your ad rank:


Expected CTR your ad

This is partly based on clicks and impressions (excluding factors such as ad position, extensions, and other formats that may have affected the visibility of an ad someone already clicked) history of your ad.

Your display URL’s past CTR

It is entirely based on the URL you manage. Impressions and clicks of your display URL has received.

The quality of your landing page

It is completely the way you manage your website and it should be easy to navigate, relevant, clear and easy to navigate on your page.

Your ad / search relevance

Your ad must be relevant and the text must match exactly to trigger what the customer is looking for.

geographic performance

It also depends on the geographical performance. For example, if you want to target a particular region, you must put yourself in their shows and use the keywords that are common that could help you reach your target audience.

Your targeted devices

Now Ad Words are not limited to desktop computers. Gone where the days desktops was the only source. Now how your ads have been performing on different types of devices, such as mobile devices and tablets.

Ad Rank of quality components are used in many different ways and can affect the following things in your account:

Ad auction eligibility

Have better quality components generally makes it easier and cheaper for your ads to enter the auction. Our Ad quality measures also help determine if your ad is qualified to appear at all.

Your cost per click (CPC)

Higher quality ads can often lead to lower CPCs. This means you pay less per click when your ads are top quality.

Ad Position

higher quality ads lead to more advertising positions, which means they can appear higher on the page.

Your keyword’s ad position bid estimates

Higher quality ads are generally associated with lower first page bid estimates,the top of the page bid estimates, , and first position bid estimates. This means you’re more likely to get your ad on the first page of search results with a lower bid when your ads have high quality components (CTR expected, ad relevance and landing page experience ).

The higher quality ads generally lead to lower costs and better ad positions. The Ad Words system works best for everybody – advertisers, clients, publishers and Google – when the ads we show are relevant, closely matching what customers want. Relevant ads tend to earn more clicks, appear in a higher position, and bring you the most success.

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Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools today that gives you an overview about activities performed by your audience while they are at your website.  With the help of Google Analytics, you can find the volume of traffic to your site, track various sources from where you visitors come and what actions they performing and also learn and analyze where your users visit your website over given time.

Therefore, in order to achieve success in Google Analytics, here are 10 effective tips that can help you master:


1.) Find out where your audience coming from :

Analyze the source of where your audience is coming from as it can prove to be useful. Most cases, users come to your website by seeing the content on social media sites, blogs, etc. They are known as reference sites. To see which reference sites lead the public to your website, you can follow these steps in your Google Analytics account: Acquisition> All Referrals. Once you found on the reference sites bring traffic to your websites, you can get a precise idea how many visits did each site generate in a given period, the number of pages they visit. This can be very useful as you can get a sense of where you can promote your brand. Also, analyze which locations and area your public belong and therefore you can target them geographically.

2.) Define your goals for Google Analytics :

Setting up goals is an important element in Google Analytics. Many websites do not define their goals and as a result, their campaigns go haywire. Goals help you pre-determine what you want your visitors to do when they visit your website. One way to being  clear about what goals you want to achieve by categorizing your goals into micro and macro goals. Basically Macro goals  are the primary goals as a visitor making a purchase, fill out a lead form to make an appointment, etc. They are basically business objectives. Micro goals are secondary objectives such as downloading a brochure or watch a video or asking for more information. Most often, the micro and macro  goals are directly related. The benefits you get from this is that you can optimize your website to its full potential and develop multi-channel strategies.


3.) leverage social media :

social media channels can provide you social network referrals. Social network references speak of social media sites that are built by the user input in the form of tweets or Facebook posts, comments on articles, and share articles. This data proves to be useful because it gives you an insight to how many fans are sharing links online,and how many people click on them. By looking into social network referrals it is much easier to find out where the traffic is coming from.

4) Attach your Email Marketing Traffic :

As many companies resort to Email Marketing, it is better to inculcate it to Google Analytics, to know whether your emails are working and are helping you to get you traffic,  email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, GetResponse and Vertical Response allows you to track traffic from links that are embedded in emails to your email campaigns. In addition, Google Analytics allows you to configure monitoring for your automated messages and campaign archived pages.

5.) Pay attention to mobile visitors :

Today we live in the smartphone era. Most people use their mobile phone to access websites and therefore it created a new avenue for marketers to tap on. Mobile traffic makes a lot of your traffic visiting your website. Google Analytics allows you to identify the users to devices use to access your site: AUDIENCE> MOBILE> DEVICES.

Also, you can find their average page views and time spent on your site. Consequently, it can help business optimize their website which can boost sales and generate customer information.


6.) In Page Analysis Report :

In the page  analysis allows you to know the percentage of users who clicked on your page. The figures are shown in graphs that can make the analyst easy to understand. This feature can be found under Content >> Page Analytics. This type of functionality can be a novelty, because it gives a better perspective of your traffic flow. It lets you analyze exactly where your web pages customers are most attracted to and visit most and where all the customers are not visited at all. Consequently, this can help you design your web page with the right and relevant content.

7.) Set up Event Tracking :

Always use event tracking feature, because it allows you to find interesting activities performed by your audience like if they have a signup on your subscription form or if they have downloaded your video or how many times they have purchased a product from your mobile app. By event tracking, you can strategize your promotion tactics accordingly.

8.) Locate your Bounce pages :

Always find the pages of your website where customers visit and leave immediately. By finding out these web pages, you know where you are going wrong. To find bounce pages of your website, you can can go to  the flowing  path

9.) Analyze AdSense Metrics :

Google Analytics enables you to determine which users are clicking on which pages and converting themselves as leads. As a result, this type of data can help you plan the spots in your websites you can put up your ads.

10.) Google Analytics Real-Time:

Google Analytics offers tracking functionality of your visitors in real time with Real-Time> Overview and view the results immediately. This saves time and provides a deeper understanding to study your visitor behavior and its interaction with your website. You can see which page he is viewing at the moment and moreover from which location he is visiting.   By analyzing in real time, you can see where you are going wrong and correct it immediately.


Google Analytics can give you great insights through in-depth analysis. Also, be sure to collect data that are relevant and important to the success of your business. Using Google Analytics effectively, you can stay ahead of your competitors.

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What is so important about tagging my website? Well, it is everything. The tags are typically used to categorize your content so that it is easy for users and search engines to find your web pages.

The ranking of your website majorly depend on tags that you give to your website. To improve the visibility of your website gain traffic and increase your sales, a strong SEO campaign is important. While creating social media presence, building backlinks and other off page techniques increases your page ranking. However, on-page optimization is crucial too. One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization on the page tags. Whether the title tags, header tags, blog posts tags or meta tags, they play a crucial role in increasing traffic and boost engagement.

But the question of the hour is, “Are they still as important as they were in the past? “‘What is the importance of tags in SEO in 2016? ‘With tags, you can classifiy content so that it is useful for the reader and the search engines to understand and crawl  your web pages. It is important for both SEO and usability.


However, as there’s improved technology and techniques, the use of tags and their impact on ranking has changed over  years. The role of tags in Search Engine Optimization has taken many turns. Let us take a look at various tags and its importance in SEO in 2016:

1.Meta Tags :

These tags are a way for webmasters to provide search engines with information about their sites. Meta tags are not important for search engine  rankings, but  can be used to gain user click click through from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). These tags are a way via which the webmaster can advertise the content to searchers.  The description should  ideally be between 150 to 160 characters. Meta tags are not as relevant today. Their importance has disappeared in recent years and they are seemingly less important when it comes to rankings. That is the reason why a number of sites using them has significantly lowered. They are of no great importance in terms of SEO benefits. So let us discard it.

2.Title Tags :

Title tags also known as heading elements are used to define the title of a document. These tags are typically used on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to show preview excerpts of a particular page. These tags are important in both SEO and social sharing. The title tag of a web page should be accurate and concise, while describing the content of the page. This plays an incredibly important role for both user experience and SEO. If you have a pretty good title tag, then you will have a good grip on the relevance, navigation, and SERPs. Title pages, because they determine the topic of the page and are also displayed in the results pages of the search engine are considered one of the most important on-page SEO. They appear in three critical areas: search engine results pages , browsers and external websites.

Scenario of Title Tags in 2016 :

 Have good title tags gives users a hint on what is there in the page before they click on the link. Title tags have long been considered important with respect  to on-page SEO. However, according to a research from, the changes made by Google semantic search could possibly affect the importance of the title tag. In the research, it was found that, for better ranking, a keyword-optimized title tag could be used but the correlation was smaller than it once was.This means that Google is no longer catering to your title tag. They do not require the title tag to include an exact keyword in terms of interpretation of the purpose of a page. For example, if you type “Why digital marketing course is important” in Google, only seven out of the ten top pages include the exact match keyword in their title tag. While indexing and rankings web pages, search engines will compare the title tag with the content of your page in order to ensure keywords consistency. This makes the title tags of an important part of the optimization of search engines (SEO). However this does not mean they are all that we need.

3.Header Tags :

Header tags are the HTML markup that is used to differentiate the headings and sub-headings in your content from other types of texts, for example, paragraph text. They range from h1 to h6, in order of importance. However, the use of header tags is now questionable. Previously, it was typical to include one h1 tag in your content before HTML5 grew popular because it was seen as influential and important compared to on-site SEO.


Scenario of Header Tags in 2016 :

Nowadays, it is possible to use more than h1 tags on a per section basis which means there is less importance of the hierarchy of header tags and encourages the search engines to be less simplistic when it comes to the analysis of a given page. According Searchmetrics’2015 ranking factors, there are two in every five web pages in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) that don’t use h1 tags at all.This makes the importance of header tags in 2016 for SEO debatable. On the other hand, the number of pages using h1 tags has increased compared to its use in 2014. This ratio increased by 4% when talking about the top 30. This means that the web designers nowadays consider header tags to be of high importance than they did previously.  In addition to that, there are several case studies that highlighted the importance of using header tags. For example, SearchEccentric worked with Motor Cars Ltd. in redesigning their header tags to be search friendly. This helped them to jump from position 320 in the SERPs in the first place. We can assume that the header tags are here to stay and its careful use can help us get successful ranking.

4.Blog Post Tags :

Majorly all blogging platforms offer you with the opportunity to add contextual  tags in your posts. One f the example being WordPress. Blog Post Tags are part of your site’s  taxonomy. Blogging platforms like WordPress using taxonomies to classify and of the taxonomy better  organize information . They show users a list of posts grouped into specific topics. Showing categories instead of topics won’t take you too far when it comes to blogging. For example, if you have a fashion blog, you might have categories like “Footwears”, “Fashion Tips” and ” Clothing Trends “. These 3 are broad terms that you would use to categorize posts.  When you write a post  and put them in the Clothing trends category, you can enter tags like “dresses,” “lowers,” “tops” and ” jumpsuits “, if the post features them.These labels can be valuable to your visitors and search engines. When we talk about visitors, it improves the usability of your website in terms of being able to identify posts  that cover specific topics. For search engines, it makes the interpretation of the content of the page easier and thus help your site rank better.

 Scenario of Blog post Tags in 2016 :

Blog post Tags may not be directly influence the ranking and help improve the search engines rankings, but they can still improve SEO via indirect methods. High quality marking allows Google to see and understand what your site is all about. For example, you run a food blog that focuses on vegan desserts and you have a tag page for vegan desserts as links to many different pages plus has various posts linking back to it.This sends strong ratings to search engines like Google that vegan desserts are a big part of your website. Although labels and category pages can not help you rank high, they are still classified which means they can help to gain traffic to your website. They also improve the user experience while providing traffic to your site.

Using tags makes it feasible for the users / visitors to find what they are looking for when they come to your site. Blog Post Tags help reduce bounce rate and thereby increase the time on your site. The reason is that they make the site easier to find by providing the user with a convenient and comfortable way to access relevant content and if the user finds what they want, they are more likely to stay on your site. If you provide a high quality user experience that convinces users to visit multiple pages and stick on your site for longer periods of time, you can gain more traffic, get ranked high and enjoy all the benefits of SEO.

Use tags effectively and optimize your content with relevant and effective tags so as to ensure your ranking is boosted. Let us know if this helped you out by dropping comments below!

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Use These 5 Tools To Improve Pinterest Strategy – Saga Biz Solutions

Pinterest has emerged as a popular platform of social media because of less investment and more benefits. People have contests on Pinterest to reach customers they want to target. With each image being loved, pinned or re-pinned, your business grow in leaps and bounds. Just like any social media marketing campaign, it is imperative that you have some means to measure and analyze the Pinterest results.


Here are five effective tools that will optimize your Pinterest strategy.


Pinpuff helps you to calculate your pinfluence ie a measure of the popularity on Pinterest and it also provides the value of each pin. To begin with the analysis on Pinpuff, visit the website and fill in your email id and your Pinterest username, then select the “Calculate your pinfluence ‘. You will be directed to your pinfluence page, where you can find your Pinterest analysis. On the score page, it will show your total score in the right sidebar of your immediate profile image. You will also get to know an estimate of your pin assessment and cost per click. In addition, you can view your score range according to your supporters and activity score. In addition to all this, you can also find a masculinity score and total followers, pins, likes and repins of each board created on Pinterest.

2.Pinterest Analytics

Akin to Google Analytics, Pinterest Analytics is your go-to tool for data on what people are doing with your pins and boards. The analysis simple and clear dashboard gives you a preview of your Pinterest profile, board, and any activity related to your website. You can see the geographical areas people are as well as their language and sex. All such basic information is crucial to understand who your customers are. In addition, you can filter results by that people are followers of your brand or not, and also according to their browsing application. Do the analytics corroborate what you see on your site? Most of the traffic from another country? Which product pins the performance best? Those are the best sellers as well? These might be interesting questions for answers.

3.Rich Pins

These refer to your own pins that include additional information. With Pinterest, using rich Pins facilitate a user to add the following types of information in their pin: article, app, movie, product, recipe and place.


Here are some rich Pins that you can exploit.

Place Pins: It allows you to show fellow Pinterest users where, on a map, this pin is from. Do you have a lot of locals following your boards or have a board showing products in a tourist-heavy area? If yes, adding a Place Pin can be quite helpful.  For instance, Foursquare adds Place Pins to its pins and hence, everyone knows how to get to each place.

Article Pins : If you use a blog or writing blogs frequently y, then the Article Pin is a Rich Pin worth using. The pin adds the author, title and description of history so as to ensure that users find and record stories that are important to them. If you have a loyal and many followers on Pinterest, then it is time to start a blog if you have not already because you will have readers from the first day. For example, the Atlantic has used Article Pins to add the title of the article, the author and a short description to the pin.

Product Pins : This type of Rich Pin adds real-time prices, availability and where to buy information. Users also get notifications when prices drop more than 10 percent. If you have an e-commerce portal, you should go for this pin. Notice all the information displayed below the image. Why not add to your pins too! For example, Walmart uses the Product Pins to provide Pinterest users with information about the product, its availability and price.


This is a unique,yet secret tool out there. The most successful type of content used at the moment is the user generated content (UGC). Piqora makes it easier to discover, curate and Merchandize photos on your website page and photos of clients who use your products. All these photos are collected from Pinterest, where you can send a message to the consumer who has taken pictures with your products. Piqora document any conversation for legal purposes so you can use the pictures without worrying about someone going back on their word. Once an image is approved for use by the original pinner, then you can publish on your site. Apart from this major feature, you can schedule all your posts


The objective of Viraltag is to make it more convenient for you to reach new customers with visual content. How is that done? Viraltag allows you to share images of not only your computer but also from a handful of online sources, including Facebook and Instagram. Suppose you have joined Pinterest a month after creating your Instagram account and you want to download the same images. With Viraltag you can choose to share or a large amount of images to be posted to your Pinterest boards. You must capitalize on what is trendy. With the discovery of Viraltag option, you can search online for visual content and to examine closely the content that will be relevant in the current scenario. Compare the results from Viraltag and that from your Pinterest Analytics dashboard.

Conclusion :

the Pinterest users spend more than double on online purchases than any other social media users. In addition, Pinterest users are more likely to follow brands that celebrities. The rise of Pinterest does not mean you divert attention from other social outlets as they are equally crucial to your brand’s success. As you need a balanced diet to stay healthy, as you need to take advantage of all the social media marketing channels to improve your business. Now, with these five tools, you can effectively monitor and improve your activity on Pinterest and in turn, reach out to your audience or take more influence.

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Today many organizations are investing in Google AdWords to attract quality traffic to their websites. A good Google AdWords campaign is essential because, if set up properly and your landing pages are designed to convert prospective visitors into paying as well as loyal customers, you will see a good return on your investment. Conversely, a poorly managed campaign could prove costly.  So it is necessary to learn how to use Google AdWords before you invest your money.

Moreover, if you’re successful in Google AdWords, the ranking of your website increases by making it visible to the right people, thereby making them enter your website through your landing page and converting them into customers.

The success of any Google AdWords campaign is good and relevant keywords. You can write the best ads but if they are not visible to your target customers all your efforts go down the drain.

So in order to create a successful Google AdWords campaign, here are 10 tips:


1.) Have A Clear Roadmap :

The first step towards success in a Google AdWords Campaign is to define a clear set of goals and objectives.  Goals and objectives may vary from organization to organization. Some companies will want to generate more sales than attracting traffic. Some companies that are new will want to create brand awareness to spread the word around.  One should define their goals and objectives that add value and are measurable so that we can know which areas to improve .

2.) Define Your Target Segment :

It goes without saying, that one of the key ingredients for a successful Google AdWords campaign is you need to know your customers that you are targeting. Whenever you are launching a campaign you have to keep your target customers in mind. You can leverage on the AIDAS (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, and Satisfaction) principle of advertising. Get the Attention of your customers, generate customer Interest,convince them to have a Desire on your product and influence them to take the desired Action you seek, thereby creating a sense of Satisfaction in them for purchasing your product.

Moreover, by selecting your segment, you can find out the most searched keywords and apply them, thereby increasing your chances to increase more traffic to your website.

3.) Use The Right Keywords :

As mentioned earlier, the foundation of any successful Google AdWords campaign is find relevant keywords. Using the right keywords, that can help you reach profitable customers.

 If you use the right keywords you can target profitable customers.  Irrelevant keywords can destroy your Google AdWords campaign.  There are three ways to target customers using keywords, these are:


Broad matches – if a user types in a search word that is somewhat similar to the keyword, then there are chances of your advertisement displayed. In this kind of method, there is a big possibility that you will attract the wrong traffic and chances are that you might lose your money.

Exact matches – will exactly match your keyword. Here you will face less traffic, but instead, your returns could be high.

Phrase matches – When someone searches an ad with your phrase or even enter words  that are in the phrase, the chances are that your ad will most likely appear.

4.) Group Your Keywords :

Google AdWords enables you to create different types of campaigns and multiple ad groups to manage many types of campaign. As a result, you can segment ad campaigns under keywords that are searched quite often and are relevant.  For example say if you are selling shoes, you could create an Ad Group for sports shoes, one ad group for formal shoes, one for casual wear etc. The more you segregate your ad campaigns; there are more chances for you to create conversions. Moreover, it becomes easier to optimize , and the performance of the screen.

5.) Filter Out Negative Keywords:

Many people to take note of negative keywords while they are planning their Google AdWords campaign. Removing negative keywords is essential for your Google AdWord campaign to be a success.  Negative keywords are those keywords that don’t trigger your ads to appear when the user searches for that keyword. Google AdWords filters out negative keywords which are wont be a good match for your brand. In fact, Google AdWords enables you to add negative keywords to your shared library in your account regularly so that you are ensured relevant clicks and save your money.

6.) Target Relevant Locations:

Always target a specific and relevant location where you are confident that your ad will generate a huge number of clicks. Moreover, it is always better to target an entire location like a city instead of a locality. It is better to broaden your horizons as the chances are you will get more clicks.

7.) Have A Good Landing Page:

Whenever a customer sees your ad and clicks on it, it is always better to redirect him to a landing page of the ad instead of taking him to the website. It is creditable to take him to a page which contains the information he is seeking. Always remember that websites don’t act as a landing page because they talk about your company as a whole and not the product in question. You should create a landing page  that has the relevant keyword that was searching for, have an eye-catching a headline and attractive copy. The aim is to streamline the entire sales process so that you lead your prospective consumer to the right path in purchasing your product.

8.) Leverage On Ad Extensions:

Take advantage of Ad Extensions. They prove to be informative to potential customers as they give more information of your ad to your prospective customers thereby increasing your chances for them to click on your ad. Ad extensions basically consist of location extensions, call outs, site links  and even call extensions. Every Ad extension has their own purpose as they make your ad in Google more prominent.

9.) Apply Re-Marketing On Your Google AdWords Campaign:

Google AdWords provides you the feature of Re-Marketing which you can leverage on during your campaign.  Basically, Re-Marketing enables you to track those customers who have visited your website but went away without making a transaction. Instead of letting them go, you can target them again by remarketing with a better offer or a discount of sorts. This will attract them to return back to your website and increase the likeliness to purchase your product. Remarketing if done cleverly, can result in the highest level of leads and sales for a brand.


10.) Monitoring  And Optimize Your Google AdWords Campaign:

Always monitor on what is happening with your account. Check whether you are getting good conversions and your money is being multiplied. Keep a check on the quality scores of the keywords that you selected because if their scores are low, you end up paying more which is a waste of money. An ad that is not attracting traffic can increase your costs. Ensure your landing pages are relevant to your ads that you publish so that it enhances your quality scores as well as your cost per conversion.

Also, you should optimize your campaign by raising bids on your keywords that are profitable but is not yet ranked No.1. You can test  various ways of your ads to maximize your CTR as well the landing page to increase conversions.


At the end day, you should create a Google AdWord campaign that is worth your money. If used smartly and tactfully Google AdWords can help your business grow leaps and bounds in a cost effective manner.

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